[Wiki Loves Monuments] [Wikilovesearth] acute problems with the WLX jury tool during WLE-2016

Ilario Valdelli ilario.valdelli at wikimedia.ch
Sun Jul 31 14:33:26 UTC 2016

Hi Alexander,
I used Ilya's tool this year for first time and I was limited by some functionalities, but I survived.

In my opinion a lot of problems are generated by operational problems (server availability and delays) which are really minor problems in my opinion.

I used other tools in the past and had similar problems because the hosting solution did not assure the scalability and the resources were limited.

I really suggest to focus in a singles solution instead of looking in alternatives.

Any software, even if good, can have problem if hosted in a limited hosting provider.

FYI I started anytime a trial round to check the configuration and afterwards a valid round as soon I was sure to set correctly any configuration. This is a workaround but a workaround is needed in any critical mission.

If a selection is run in the last days, we are in this case in a mission critical situation, and the tool cannot assure to solve any kind of problems.

I will be sure that Ilya will set a tool and will assure a good level of service.

Kind regards

In data 31/Lug/2016 15.55.23, Alexander Tsirlin ha scritto:
> We had very bad experience with using the WLX jury tool this year. I 
> described it at length here:
> https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/Commons_talk:WLX_Jury_Tool
> Several possible solutions are also mentioned on that page. I would like 
> to hear your opinion about this situation. Could anyone help Ilya with 
> developing and maintaining the jury tool, and make sure that it works at 
> it should work?
> If we are planning to meet a very sharp deadline of October 25 for WLM 
> photos, the jury tool should work absolutely smoothly, and user support 
> has to be very prompt. Or it would be good to know already now that we 
> can't rely on the jury tool, and alternative solutions should be 
> searched for.
> Sincerely,
> Alexander
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