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Vira Motorko vira.motorko at gmail.com
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I can put here a little about WLM in Ukrainian. Just as in Brazil, our
monuments appear in lists of different levels with different IDs.
Moreover, official IDs are not unique through the state and may repeat in
different regions.
We created our own system of giving IDs to monuments. We would like to save
them because the system we cteated is very convenient. But, being original
research, these IDs prevent us from transferring all the lists to Wikidata.

If you have official IDs, use them (I guess).
If there are several of the them for the same monument, it may be
reasonable to take the ID from the list with the highest rank.
If you can advise us what to do with on-wiki-created IDs concerning
Wikidata, I will be happy :)

​I don't speak on behalf of WLM UA orgs, just on my own.​


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