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Thanks. Vira. It is my first time in WLM Brazil and I hope that me and
my volunteer colleagues can find a good solution. As you said, maybe it is
going to be easier to follow the lists with the highest rank. And about the
Wikidata, I hope we can have time to work on there too. If it happens, we
will be glad to share the experience here.



2016-07-19 10:14 GMT-03:00 Vira Motorko <vira.motorko at gmail.com>:

> Hi,
> I can put here a little about WLM in Ukrainian. Just as in Brazil, our
> monuments appear in lists of different levels with different IDs.
> Moreover, official IDs are not unique through the state and may repeat in
> different regions.
> We created our own system of giving IDs to monuments. We would like to
> save them because the system we cteated is very convenient. But, being
> original research, these IDs prevent us from transferring all the lists to
> Wikidata.
> If you have official IDs, use them (I guess).
> If there are several of the them for the same monument, it may be
> reasonable to take the ID from the list with the highest rank.
> If you can advise us what to do with on-wiki-created IDs concerning
> Wikidata, I will be happy :)
> ​I don't speak on behalf of WLM UA orgs, just on my own.​
> ​Best​
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