[Wiki Loves Monuments] [Wikimedia-l] Wiki Loves Monuments in Italy largely blocked by WMF fundraising

Ilario Valdelli valdelli at gmail.com
Sun Aug 30 15:04:31 UTC 2015

(I limit the discussion within the WLM mailing list).

I personally think that the lesson to be learned is a simple one.

Some body should take care to verify the calendar for wiki loves 
monuments and to take an action "just in time" to don't stop a process 
already started.

The real problem is that two different projects/departments planned the 
use of the centralnotice and started two different processes and for 
both would have been a big challenge to reschedule the calendar.

Every solution would have been a work-around.

In my opinion the calendar of the centralnotice should not be in charge 
of the local country, but it should be in charge of the international 
team (who is the most valid candidate for this task).

It means that the team must be a "permanent team" and cannot be created 
few months before the event. In addition the team should be "formally" 
nominated to discuss this point.

We must consider that the conflict management is an important task in 
any project, as valid as the risk management.

Best regards

On 30.08.2015 15:35, Romaine Wiki wrote:
> But I think the best lesson learned is: with every blocking banner, 
> let the community publicly decide what should be chosen.
> Romaine

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