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> == Licensing issue ==
> If we can use Google Maps to get object coordinates into the articles is
> another tricky question (and hard to fix after done). I will wait for Luis
> opinion, but we should be careful.

I am totally not qualified to answer so everything I say below could be
wrong :)

I think it's *not* okay to get the coordinates from OpenStreetMap.
 OpenStreetMap is licensed under the Open Database License (ODbL) which
protected database rights.  I don't think ODbL and CC-BY-SA 3.0 are

Database rights are recognized in Europe (where OSM is hosted) but not in
the US (where Wikimedia projects are hosted).  It is important to note that
database rights != copyright.

>From Wikimedia perspective, we are generally only concerned with copyright
and believe that facts like coordinates are not copyrightable.  Hence,
using Google Maps as a source for coordinates often regarded as okay.

Whether or not one cares about database rights, I think it's not a good
idea to violate OSM's license by using OSM as a source for coordinates.

The question about using Google Maps as a source could be argued either
way, in my opinion.


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