[Wiki Loves Monuments] Tool to add Coordinates

Platonides platonides at gmail.com
Sat Sep 14 22:52:54 UTC 2013

On 14/09/13 22:14, Jeremy Baron wrote:
> Hi,
> tl;dr: That tool needs to be disabled immediately. It may be possible
> to "fix" it to give very clear (and accurate!) warnings about the
> impending sharing of their data before the sharing takes place (...)

> There are links created with the text "Ավելացնել կոորդինատ" (google
> translate makes me think that means approximately "add [a]
> coordinate(s)") and clicking that will load the google JS. There
> appears to be no warning to the user that their data will be shared
> with google when they click that link and I believe this is a clear
> violation of the WMF privacy policy as currently implemented. see [0]
> for links I found where you can try this yourself.

I strongly agree. It should be disabled ASAP.
At least, it's not automatic on page view.

 > IMHO making sure the wording clear and accurate will take too long
 > (i.e. more than 5 mins) and we should first disable the tool
 > completely while/if that wording is developed.

What about «Do you want to load a Google map here? This will allow 
Google to get a bunch of data from you, and will effectively surrend 
your user account to their goodwill» ?

On the first mail I thought they had implemented it as a *user* script 
(each one is free to unsecure their own privacy and account if they 
really wish).

== Licensing issue ==
If we can use Google Maps to get object coordinates into the articles is 
another tricky question (and hard to fix after done). I will wait for 
Luis opinion, but we should be careful.

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