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Samat samat78 at gmail.com
Wed Sep 11 16:55:09 UTC 2013

I think, beside many other factors, the weather is also one (which is
outside of our control).
In the last few days it was really cool and rainy in Hungary and its
surrounds, and in countries where there was no previous (before September)
campaign for the competition only a suddenly announcement few days ago
(like in Hungary),  people can't or don't want to go out taking pictures.


On Wed, Sep 11, 2013 at 6:41 PM, Peter Ekman <pdekman at gmail.com> wrote:

> I too have noticed a drop off in photos submitted in the last few days.
>  It's fairly important to determine what caused the drop off if we can.  It
> might be something totally outside of our control, e.g. the situation in
> Syria, but might be something like a change in banner display, which we do
> have some control over. Did the drop happen in most countries? We don't
> have full control over all Wikimedia banners - we do have to share the
> space with others, but perhaps they might be willing to delay some of their
> displays if we ask nicely.
> I do agree that changing the banner from time-to-time can help. I don't
> agree that a banner of ""Participate in the world's largest photo-contest
> and help Wikipedia," would help any.  The imperative verb "Participate"
> is very weak, and is not natural to American English speakers.  It suggests
> a high school home economics teacher telling us that we have to bring
> cookies to the annual bake-off.  Something more active is definitely
> needed, something along the line (but not exactly) of a high school
> football coach saying "Go out there and kick some butt!"  That would
> definitely get some attention as a banner, but not the exact type of
> attention we want.  A teaser ad might work however, e.g. "About your photos
> on Wikipedia .... (smaller type) upload them to Wiki Loves Monuments"
> "Snap" might be a verb we want to use.  It gives an idea of the action
> that we want people to take (snap a snapshot), unlike "participate."  So
> perhaps "Snap a historic site, Wiki Loves Monuments" It could wake people
> up. Or maybe "Snap a snapshot for Wikipedia".  As a noun "It's a snap, Wiki
> Loves Monuments"
> I don't think these ideas are good enough yet for an actual banner, but I
> think that folks should brain-storm this and come up with new ideas.
>  Straight informative banners can sound bureaucratic or just boring.
>  Different languages or dialects should be considered separately, as
> translations are really tricky, e.g. "It's a snap" might mean something
> entirely different in British English
> Pete
> User:Smallbones
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