[Wiki Loves Monuments] Checklist for the end of submissions? Misc

Tomasz W. Kozłowski odder.wiki at gmail.com
Fri Sep 28 08:01:13 UTC 2012

Hi Peter,
thanks for the questions; this is a reply to your original e-mail, so
I might have missed some of the things brought up by other people.

1. As far as I see, the "buttons", as you call them -- I guess that
you mean those "Upload photo" links visible on the lists on Wikipedia
-- are not time-sensitive. To remove them from the lists would require
some manual work (e.g. editing the template on every Wikipedia that
uses them).

However, I don't think we need to do that at all; we can keep those
buttons there, just making sure that pictures will not be uploaded to
"our" categories after the end of the competition. Leaving the upload
links on the lists could possibly lead people to upload more pictures
during the year; I am aware that this might have a negative level on
the number of pictures uploaded next year, but this isn't our goal, is

2. I am not sure what notice you have in mind; this is probably
something that can only be done by the many national teams on their
external websites or on the project pages on their respective

3. I guess people would like to have at least a day or two of rest
from Wiki Loves Monuments before starting to work on the results, you
know :-))

4. I will be shutting off the campaigns sequentially, country by
country, just as I did when enabling them in the first place; the
exact schedule is available at

There is no need to change the running campaigns that much, as the
almost only thing that matters to us is to make sure that the late
pictures don't land in our categories, and this is achieved
automatically by the {{WLM-is-running}} template.

5. I am afraid that there isn't enough time to translate the phrase
into all the languages, especially as there is only two days left. We
/might/ create a thank-you banner, but this would also require some
manual work from a great number of people, and I am not sure we have
enough time.

Tomasz W. Kozłowski
a.k.a. [[user:odder]]

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