[Wiki Loves Monuments] jury tools

Platonides platonides at gmail.com
Fri Sep 14 22:25:14 UTC 2012

On 13/09/12 05:05, Peter Ekman wrote:
> Kaldari came up with a tool for WLM-US which works quite well IMHO as
> a part of the jury process, but is not the whole answer.(...)
> The logic is that you can include a photo for further consideration by
> clicking "Nominate", or you can eliminate it from further
> consideration by clicking "Decline for nomination" and when you can't
> decide click "can't decide."  It works by manipulating categories on
> the photo's file "Category:WLM-US 2012 unreviewed"  to start off, then
> "reviewed" and/or "nominated"  We're aiming to eliminate 90% at this
> point - keeping up as the photos come in.  But in reality we're
> keeping 14%.
> I think one of the quirks is when folks manually change categories -
> it can just stay in the unreviewed category forever.  The fix here is
> just manually changing the categories to the correct state.
> It's a tough system (but quick) "one strike and you're out."  But it
> is needed if you have several thousand photos to go through and want
> to get down to a few hundred in a reasonable time so that you can
> properly consider the best ones.

One drawback of this is accountability. There's no trace of who voted a
picture through the app (categories are changed by the bot).

Another problem is that authors are adding themselves the categories
nominating the images they just uploaded:

(these are all different users tricking the system, random images
provided by the tool)

> I'd love it if there could be a positive version of this - say click
> keep and the bot places the file name in your sandbox - but the
> problem there would be you don't eliminate anything and the possible
> selection just keeps on growing.

You mean something like Nuno tool?

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