[Wiki Loves Monuments] Slovak WLM

Karl Gruber karl at wb-gruber.at
Wed Sep 12 21:27:14 UTC 2012

He Lodewijk,
I know too, that the count of pictures will not be very high in this 
year, but until now, there are aproximately more then 100 pictures 
without any advertizing only through existing of the 1500 lists in the 
sk-wiki. Only in the database, which us Alex (from Austria) has 
installed is the problem, that the content of both wiki are in one list 
twice. But this problem is knwn by Multichil (persuant Alex).

Only the homepage wikilovesmonument.sk does not exist :-).

So I think in the small area it would be possible to be a part of WLM 
worldwide  this year too.;-)


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