[Wiki Loves Monuments] CentralNotice slogan translation request (for a record banner)

Tomasz W. Kozłowski odder.wiki at gmail.com
Sun Sep 2 21:25:36 UTC 2012

Hello all,
with the contest going quite strong (over 15,2k pictures in total at
the moment) and our banners visible to hundreds of milions of people
from about 30 countries, it's the highest time to think about a banner
record -- a banner that will be pushed on-line when we break our
previous record of about 168k pictures uploaded as part of WLM.

I have brought this topic to this list last month, and there have been
some great suggestions of phrases to use. After some poking and
off-list consultations, I decided to go with a variant of Samat's
idea, which was also later revised by Lodewijk (thanks for the
efforts, guys!): "Take part in world's biggest competition and help
improve Wikipedia!".

Personally, I find this slogan quite good: it has a clear call to
action, mentions the goal of the contest (to help Wikipedia by
uploading photos), and will be true when we push it onto the projects
:-)) However, as this is quite an important change and might have a
huge impact, I would like to get a go-ahead from you--and also maybe
see some better ideas if you have them?

As mentioned above, I'd like to push the new banners on-line when we
break the record; which, in general estimates, might happen somewhere
between September 15 and September 20. This would give us about two
weeks to translate the phrases into the 37 languages we use for our
current banners.

If you'd like to help out and translate this slogan into your
language, I prepared a table similar to the one used before at
I know that MediaWiki is not the best tool to use for translating a
message, but there's currently no better way to do that; Commons does
not use the Translate extension yet, and I'll need to move those
translations to Meta (the admin-only MediaWiki namespace) anyway.

Thanks in advance for your translations and ideas!

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