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I think the 1:80 ratio should be our high estimate a 1:50 the low estimate. For US I would estimate 30k-50k. I think Germany, France, India and Spain also will go up to around 30k+total number will probably end somewhere between 300 and 500k. 
If you want 1 number estimates go with 1:65, I expect the peak at the end to not be 3.5 times higher as last year, also we've started in a weekend.
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I'll agree that any estimate at this point is bound to be off - but all estimates are going to be off.  I'll strongly disagree that we can't come up with some reasonable estimate that's better than my wazoo estimate.  And I need some estimate.  What would be perfect for me is a percentage uploaded each day for the full contest last year.  That way I can track how well the estimate is working and update it everyday.


On Sunday, September 2, 2012, Ilario Valdelli  wrote:
On 02.09.2012 14:08, Peter Ekman wrote:

It's fairly important to estimate the total uploads so that we can

mobilize the right number of people for tasks such as reviewing the

pix, placing them in the lists, and pre-jury screening.  So far I've

been using the standard scientific method of pulling a number out of

my wazoo ("US is almost as big as Europe ==> 100,000")

It's difficult to make a comparison because we had only two days of contest and because the number of countries is higher than last year.

In addition last year it was the first time of a larger participation, so the users experienced the event and they were able to understand the rules. So I suppose that a lot of participants had kept the images in their hard-disks waiting WLM.

For instance I took a lot of photos before September and wait WLM to upload them.

Anyway don't wait a small number of photos. I think that over a specific level "more than thousand" doesn't make a difference.


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