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 From here you should be able to get the numbers and do the math to your 

(URL probably wrapped)

However, let me reinforce Maarten suggestion: just relax and let it flow 
for a while..


Em 02-09-2012 14:16, Peter Ekman escreveu:
> I'll agree that any estimate at this point is bound to be off - but all
> estimates are going to be off.  I'll strongly disagree that we can't
> come up with some reasonable estimate that's better than my wazoo
> estimate.  And I need some estimate.  What would be perfect for me is a
> percentage uploaded each day for the full contest last year.  That way I
> can track how well the estimate is working and update it everyday.
> Pete
> On Sunday, September 2, 2012, Ilario Valdelli wrote:
>     On 02.09.2012 14:08, Peter Ekman wrote:
>         It's fairly important to estimate the total uploads so that we can
>         mobilize the right number of people for tasks such as reviewing the
>         pix, placing them in the lists, and pre-jury screening.  So far I've
>         been using the standard scientific method of pulling a number out of
>         my wazoo ("US is almost as big as Europe ==> 100,000")
>     It's difficult to make a comparison because we had only two days of
>     contest and because the number of countries is higher than last year.
>     In addition last year it was the first time of a larger
>     participation, so the users experienced the event and they were able
>     to understand the rules. So I suppose that a lot of participants had
>     kept the images in their hard-disks waiting WLM.
>     For instance I took a lot of photos before September and wait WLM to
>     upload them.
>     Anyway don't wait a small number of photos. I think that over a
>     specific level "more than thousand" doesn't make a difference.
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