[Wiki Loves Monuments] first day to total uploads ratio

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Sun Sep 2 12:31:24 UTC 2012

Lodewijk reported last year "more than 2000 uploads in day 1". So the ratio would be 1:84!

In a paper made by WM-ES you can see a figure with uploads per day: http://digithum.uoc.edu/ojs/index.php/digithum/article/view/n14-rodriguez-gonzalez-sierra-navarro-saorin/n14-rodriguez-gonzalez-sierra-navarro-saorin-eng

[1] http://lists.wikimedia.org/pipermail/wikilovesmonuments/2011-September/001258.html


> Date: Sun, 2 Sep 2012 08:08:58 -0400
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> Subject: [Wiki Loves Monuments] first day to total uploads ratio
> I'm trying to get a rough estimate of the number of uploads to expect
> for WLM-US.
> One way would be to look at last year's first day total uploads and
> compare it to last years total uploads for the month (~169,000
> overall).  So if the ratio was 1:50, I'd just multiply the 1st day
> uploads in the US by 50.
> Yesterday (1st 24 hours) we had 615 uploads so if 50 is the right
> multiplier, we'd estimate about 31,000.  Some might say 30 is the
> right multiplier (30 days in a month), but 37 would estimate that the
> last week gets twice as many uploads.  Does anybody have a real number
> from last year?
> It's fairly important to estimate the total uploads so that we can
> mobilize the right number of people for tasks such as reviewing the
> pix, placing them in the lists, and pre-jury screening.  So far I've
> been using the standard scientific method of pulling a number out of
> my wazoo ("US is almost as big as Europe ==> 100,000")
> Any help appreciated.
> Pete Ekman
> User:Smallbones
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