[Wiki Loves Monuments] Statistic question

Nuno Tavares nuno.tavares at wikimedia.pt
Sat Sep 1 11:17:41 UTC 2012


That is no problem to the script, it will allow you to have your own 
categories, as long as you tell me which one it is, and it obeys to the 
sort key.

However, normalization - like it happened in 2011 - in a worldwide event 
like this always seems to me the most reasonable way to avoid 
unnecessary work... from a script perspective is quite different to 
have: "Wiki Loves Monuments Italia 2012" instead of "Images from Wiki 
Loves Monuments 2012 in Italy". Even the country name "Italia" is not in 
English, which would probably break any AI mechanisms we could put in 

Anyway, this is just a heads up. I'll try will all "Images from Wiki 
Loves Monuments 2012 in XXXX" or any other you (all) seemed to followed 
accordingly, those that do not follow the "standard" approach will be 
left out unless they report to me which category they used.


Em 01-09-2012 11:47, Cristian Consonni escreveu:
> 2012/9/1 Nuno Tavares<nuno.tavares at wikimedia.pt>:
>> Cheers all,
>> Now the contest is running, I was paying a quick look at the statisticsct
>> (contest statistics) to get it fixed for WLM2012. Last year I was using
>> "Cultural heritage monuments in XXXX with known IDs" (for a reason I can't
>> recall), but this year results will overlap with 2011, it seems.
>> Is it safe to use "Images from Wiki Loves Monuments 2012 in XXXXX"? Could
>> all WLM-template creators ensure that the WLM ID is passed as sort key to
>> this category, please?
> The point is IMHO that every country has its own categories and templates,
> we should gather all the names somewhere, no?
> For example, Italy has [[Wiki Loves Monuments Italia 2012]] we don't
> want to use [[Cultural heritage in Italy]] for various reasons that I
> have no time to explain here, now.
> Cristian
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