[Wiki Loves Monuments] determining how many photos used in articles

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The links from the list are not always the right links. For many houses in the netherlands some difficult words in their description are linked (e.g.  house with [[stepped gable]])

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> On Wed, 31 Oct 2012 21:06:57 +0000, WereSpielChequers wrote:
> > Also is it possible to create lists of wikipedia articles without
> > images that are about monuments that now have images on Commons?
> >
> > In a few weeks Im running another workshop for donors who are willing
> > to give some time to Wikipedia, and the more straightforward I can
> > make image adding the more successful the event will be, Ive already
> > got a list of articles in the UK that we probably have images for, 
> > but
> > a list of monuments that we definitely have images for would be
> > better.
> >
> > WSC
> >
> This I guess can be done pretty easily since all participating 
> countries (except for Russia) have lists of monuments, and the progress 
> of adding them to the list is monitored on Commons,
> http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/Commons:Monuments_database/Statistics
> We can safely assume that in 99% of the cases if the picture is on the 
> list and a separate dedicated article exists then the picture is also in 
> the article. The remaining 1% are the articles which for whatever reason 
> are not linked from the lists.
> How many articles we have can be determined by the number of links from 
> the lists, but this probably can not be done without a bot.
> Cheers
> Yaroslav
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