[Wiki Loves Monuments] Images from flickr groups not being copied to commons

Platonides platonides at gmail.com
Fri Oct 12 23:30:53 UTC 2012

I noticed that a number of images had not been properly copied to commons,
due to a mixture of flickrripper and the flickr api.
I think this is the same problem mentioned to me by Monica Mora some
days ago.
The issue can be easily detected by noting that the flickr group shows a
number of images when you are logged out than when you are logged in (as a
group member).

In our case, as a non-member flickr showed 393 photos, flickrripper was
seeing a
count of 394 photos (but reading 393) and as a group admin there were 396.
Obviously, those three photos hadn't been copied.

There are some photos that are only given if the request is done by a
group member.
In a few cases, the reason is clear, since the image was private (only
shown to you
due to being in the same group as the photo) or moderated / filtered by

However, in most cases the missed images were publicly viewable, and I
have no
idea why the api wasn't listing them.

The solution was to make flickrripper use an application secret and sign
the requests.
You will need to authorize it to run under your account and it will now
be able to view
all the images.
The code to do that has been committed to the original flickrripper.py
as well as the forked
flickrripper_list.py You will need to provide the flickr['api_secret']
in your user-config.py in
order to take advantage of it.

A handful of images submitted to WLM-ES in 2011 had also been affected
by this bug
and weren't copied to commons at the time. I added them to WLM 2012.
Better late than never.

In summary:
- flickrripper wasn't copying all the images.
- Update your copy and provide an api_secret (and authorise the app).
- Run flickrripper again in your group.

(if your country did not use a flickr group, you are not affected by this.
If you copied the images using a different tool than flickrripper, that tool
may or may not have the same problem)

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