[Wiki Loves Monuments] Feedback for survey questions

Platonides platonides at gmail.com
Mon Oct 8 15:12:50 UTC 2012

On 08/10/12 16:13, Tomasz W. Kozłowski wrote:
> (Note: this is a general answer to both Els's and WSC's comments.)
> @Els: I think that this is a good idea to change the second answer
> into the one you suggested, so I went ahead and did so (it now reads:
> "I took the pictures between October 2011 and August 2012").

I'd split in October 2011-March 2012 and May-August 2012. The people who
started photographing for WLM2012 in October should be a different
bucket than those that noted that for their summer holidays.

It'd also be interesting to note when the photos were taken thinking on
the contest, and when they were "available photos".

> I am not sure how you know that "It was fun!" was a major motive that
> people chose in our previous survey(s), because I can't remember the
> 2011 survey results ever being published publicly (due to us not
> having the manpower to work on them). Perhaps you were talking about
> different surveys that I don't know about?

It was. Email of 2011-11-19 by Lodewijk on this list.
Although fun doesn't seem to have been an option in that survey.

The answers for "My main motivation for submitting a photo to Wiki Loves
Monuments was:" were:
    Help => 644
    Heritage => 264
    Easy => 223
    Prize => 223
    Other => 91
    Blank => 15

(multioption, 784 users)

> I am also not sure if asking people questions about placing the images
> on Wikipedia or using the Quality images process actually fits in the
> scope of this survey; this is a hard-core Wikipedian's job, and I
> doubt that the new users we try to reach with this survey even know
> how to place an image into an article, or what a Quality image is.

Talking about placing the images in Wikipedia may be ok. I'm much less
convinced about QI. That's not a goal of the contest.

I really liked seeing this answer in last year survey:
«Easy, Help, Prize, Other:I wanted to learn how to upload pictures to
Wikipedia, as I have never done that before and this seemed like a good
cause. :)»

I would add a question about the way they uploaded their files:

QXX How did you send the photos to the contest? Select all that apply.
- I used the default upload tool for my country (UploadWizard).
- I didn't send photos directly to Wikimedia Commons, I participated
through flickr.
- I used the Android App developed by Wikimedia Foundation.
- I used the 123POI App.
- I used a mass-uploading tool: [fill-in]
- Other [fill-in]

Maybe even with a textarea for them to complain about our upload tools
(in case they have errors).

Another question that I thought could be good was, "would you be willing
to collborate organising WLM 2013 in your country?".


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