[Wiki Loves Monuments] Feedback for survey questions

Tomasz W. Kozłowski odder.wiki at gmail.com
Mon Oct 8 15:41:57 UTC 2012

On 8 October 2012 17:12, Platonides wrote:

> I'd split in October 2011-March 2012 and May-August 2012. The people who
> started photographing for WLM2012 in October should be a different
> bucket than those that noted that for their summer holidays.

Just did that, thanks for the suggestion.

> It was. Email of 2011-11-19 by Lodewijk on this list.
> Although fun doesn't seem to have been an option in that survey.

Ah, looks like I forgot about this one, but I was mostly thinking
about organised results (with graphs, etc.), not just about answers
put into an Excel file; I can vaguely remember that there weren't too
many volunteers to do that part of the job (which is understandable).

> I would add a question about the way they uploaded their files:

Aren't we able to get this data without asking this question in the
survey? I was under the impression that we can at least get a
more-or-less correct number of UploadWizard uploads through the
CatScan tool; I know it would also work for the VicunaUploader created
by Yarl; not sure about Commonist and the old upload form.

> Maybe even with a textarea for them to complain about our upload tools
> (in case they have errors).

I think we can use Q14 ("What was the main obstacle, if any, for you
to participate in the competition? If you wish, you can elaborate in
detail.") for that one.

> Another question that I thought could be good was, "would you be willing
> to collborate organising WLM 2013 in your country?".

I think it was also suggested by Tamara on Etherpad today, so I guess
the question has some merit (no offence Tamara!), but I am not
entirely convinced we should use it. We already have contact
information to Wikimedia user groups that organised WLM 2010, 2011,
and 2012, and have also received contact information from a lot of
people from countries that did not participate yet through the blog.

Tomasz W. Kozłowski
a.k.a. [[user:odder]]

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