[Wiki Loves Monuments] Uploader stats

Erik Zachte ezachte at wikimedia.org
Mon Oct 8 15:14:22 UTC 2012


Wikimedia turns first letter of name always to uppercase 

You can see this when you look at 
it redirects to

This might be on presentation level, so I scanned for jane023 in dump file 
It only occurs in a few comments, 
all xml tags are <username>Jane023</username> 


Out of curiosity, where did you find lowercase 'jane023' ? 
In a log file?

Erik Zachte

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On 07/10/12 10:59, Jane Darnell wrote:
> Erik,
> That's interesting, because my username is not in your list. My 
> username is Jane023 and my mobile uploads are done by jane023. I 
> noticed in your list that cases where the only capital letter is the 
> first one (such as in my username) are not counted. Perhaps this could 
> be the reason? I would expect most usernames only to have the first letter
> Jane

But in the wlmParticipatingUsernames.txt file I provided, you appear as
'Jane023'. That's what I meant when I said it was normalised.

FTR, you have 358 files as 'Jane023' and 32 as 'jane023':
- 343 were uploaded with the Upload Wizard, showing Jane023 for all of them.
- 32 files uploaded with the android app show you as jane023
- 13 files uploaded with the android app show you as Jane023 There are a
couple of them for which I don't have the tool used, which are the deleted
photos of Mark di Suvero.

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