[Wiki Loves Monuments] incorrect statistic by number of identifiers not in the lists

Platonides platonides at gmail.com
Mon Oct 8 14:29:52 UTC 2012

On 08/10/12 14:45, Tomasz Ganicz wrote:
> Moreover - it puts files on lists which have moved heritage template
> to the relevant category. In case of Polish contest if the heritage
> has its own category we asked mass-uploaders to put the file into the
> category without heritage template in file description.  See for
> axample:
> http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/Category:Jewish_cemetery_in_Cz%C4%99stochowa

IMHO the files should both have the relevant identifier and be in the
If I came to the description page (eg. by Special:Search), I wouldn't
know it was a monument without having to visit all its categories, which
is impractical.

> On the list there are also files with quite proper, but probably too
> lenghty heritage number. In Poland the number consist of:
> a) the number itself - for example "A-253"
> b) the date of registraton for example "A-253 z 18.03.1972"	
> c) the name of viodoship which registered the heritage, for example
> ""A-253 z 18.03.1972; województwo podkarpackie"
> Numbers itslef are redundant - each voivodship has its own list
> starting from A-1 till A-9999,
> so for us this list of heratige without proper indetifiers is rather
> useless and completely missleading. For us it is not a problem - as
> our jury won't be using it - but it may produce false statistics for
> our part of contest.

Argh. So you basically made a new division inside the template
parameter. I can compensate that in the code. I had no idea you were
doing that.

Although there are multiple formats used:
A-1834 z 11.08.2008
916 z 09.11.1984
1101/92 z 14.04.1992
A/3102/78 i 79
A.734 z 24.05.1993
1598-A z 23.11.1995

What is the identifier that should be extracted?

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