[Wiki Loves Monuments] Why deadlines exist

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Most concerns are for removing the WLM template, for any reason, by bot or not. It can be seen as an unfriendly behaviour to exclude a file for the contest. In fact, the submission was intented for WLM, successfully or not, as the template reads. A solution is to keep the template with a note, i.e. "uploaded after deadline", "not a registered monument", "not a participant country", etc. The template with any note can categorize instead in "Images from WLM in XX not validated" keeping track of them and allowing any revision. But this is an option to discuss for next year.


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> Dura lex, sed lex - but I would like to avoid such situations. This
> guy was really angry - his pictures were really good - so in fact -
> Wikimedia Commons lost a good photographer. 
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