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On Sun, Jul 29, 2012 at 10:56 PM, Bas vb <basvb_wikipedia at live.nl> wrote:

>  I think it is not possible to get good feedback from the public when you
> provide them a to big list, nobody is going to watch all the pictures, and
> I also don't think somebody is going to watch a random part. If you want to
> get the public involved, maybe the best Idea is to let a jury pick the top
> 20-50 and let the public vote on those 50 to decide on the order. Or you
> can make a preselection of around 500 pictures, where people can pick the
> best, and then you send a list of 50 to the jury. But I think it will be
> hard to get people from the public to watch lots of pictures, so you will
> maybe get a lot of pictures with 1 or 2 votes (maybe even the photographer
> voting on his own best view.

The other option we were thinking is having people nominate photos.  These
could be self-nominations or nominating others' photos.

Not sure how well that would work either, and suspect we might end up doing
a bit of nominating ourselves.  We do want some variety and geographic
representation in the final pool.


> I believe the Russians provided a list of around 100 pictures you could
> vote on. Then they had 10 different prices, with one of them being the
> publics nr. 1. but I'm not sure, somebody should confirm.
> Mvg,
> Bas
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> Date: Sun, 29 Jul 2012 13:39:51 -0700
> To: wikilovesmonuments at lists.wikimedia.org
> Subject: [Wiki Loves Monuments] Community voting and jury process.
> Hi all,
> Per Lodewijk's suggestion, I'm bringing this to the larger list.
> WLM-US organizers have been discussing the value of setting up a community
> voting process on-wiki for the initial selection of the top 500 or so
> photos in the WLM-US pool, which we will then send to the judges (though
> we're thinking it would be wise to have the judges also surface photos they
> like  that don't make the top 500). Can anyone on this list (particularly
> Russian organizers) give us feedback on what works well and what does not
> work well?
> Did you reach out to Commons contributors who had helped with any of the
> Featured Picture selection or Picture of the Year voting for feedback? A
> few of those people we've identified live in the U.S., so we're going to
> reach out to the relevant individuals. We've also been discussing how to
> incorporate the WikiProject on English WP that deals with our monuments
> (WP:NRHP) to try to get help from them. We're thinking of it as a group of
> ambassadors or captains who can help us alleviate some of the challenge for
> the jury of sorting thousands of photos.
> Any feedback would be very welcome.
> thanks,
> Matthew
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> From: *Lodewijk* <lodewijk at effeietsanders.org>
> Date: Sat, Jul 28, 2012 at 6:42 PM
> Subject: Re: Jury process in the US
> To: Maarten Dammers <maarten at mdammers.nl>
> Cc: Matthew Roth <mroth at wikimedia.org>, Katie Filbert <aude.wiki at gmail.com>,
> "Richard (User:Pharos)" <pharosofalexandria at gmail.com>, Peter Ekman <
> pdekman at gmail.com>, Ryan Kaldari <rkaldari at wikimedia.org>, Sarah Stierch <
> sstierch at wikimedia.org>
> What about discussing this particular issue on the international mailing
> list? I know at least Russia has some experience with a community WLM vote
> - and I know India is bumping into the same problems as the US here.
> Lodewijk
> 2012/7/28 Maarten Dammers <maarten at mdammers.nl>
> Hi Matthew,
> Op 28-7-2012 20:43, Matthew Roth schreef:
> Hi Maarten and Lodewijk,
> In discussions with Wikimedia DC and other WLM-US organizers, I think
> we're going to try to set up a voting mechanism on-wiki so that Commons
> users can help us select the top 500 photos in the WLM-US pool, which we
> will then send to the judges (though the judges can also surface photos
> that don't make the top 500). We're also talking about having contestants
> have the option to nominate their own favorite photos to help highlight
> their own photos for the voting. Pharos brought up a question about being
> able to put a nomination button in the Uploader so that it automatically
> tagged the photos with a particular category if the uploader chooses to
> nominate particular photos of theirs. Do you think that could be easily
> done from a technical stance? Also curious to hear your thoughts in general
> about the plan.
> I'm very happy to see things are starting to move in the US. Adding bells
> and whistles to the upload process would go against one of the core
> principles (https://commons.wikimedia.**org/wiki/Commons:Wiki_Loves_**
> Monuments/Philosophy<https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/Commons:Wiki_Loves_Monuments/Philosophy>)
> of WLM: Make it easy, so I'm not in favour of that. The jury process
> shouldn't cost the organization too much work and it shouldn't bother the
> (new) uploaders.  I'm not sure how this will work, I don't have any
> experience with this model.
> Maarten
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