[Wiki Loves Monuments] WLM in Portugal.

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As the information and techy infrastructure is ready from last year, I wonder if it is possible to simple let it run without support. I mean, let people upload photos of Portugal, although there is no local award, and then a jury with external support if necessary can select the 10 best photos for the international contest.


Date: Thu, 26 Jul 2012 12:20:25 +0100
From: manuel.sousa at wikimedia.pt
To: wikilovesmonuments at lists.wikimedia.org
Subject: [Wiki Loves Monuments] WLM in Portugal.

Dear all,
As you may know, Wikimedia Portugal (WMPT) took part in WLM in 2011. A team of four ended up making a very successful event with very little money!
However, early this year, they said they would not be available to continue and organize the 2012 edition of WLM.
By them, João Miguel Vasconcelos and I stepped forward. However, we clearly underestimated the workload involved, as well as the time we both could dedicate to this undertaking. Furthermore, unlike last year, WMPT community seems much less enthusiastic about WLM.
So, we discussed the matter internally, and have decided not to hold WLM 2012 in Portugal.
I'm sorry to be giving such a bad news, but it is better to announced it now, than to keep postponing it one more month.
Thanks & regards,
 Manuel de Sousa
 Wikimedia Portugal

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