[Wiki Loves Monuments] WikiLovesMonuments Digest, Vol 19, Issue 7

Andy Mabbett andy at pigsonthewing.org.uk
Mon Jul 2 19:26:25 UTC 2012

On 2 July 2012 17:24, Peter Ekman <pdekman at gmail.com> wrote:

> One more American quirk - "Monuments" here means lots of things here -
> but is probably most associated with what we've been calling "public
> art" - sculptures to famous people.  Another use is for "gravestone".
> So while most of us probably understand how "registered historic
> places" fits in with "Wiki Loves Monuments" it seems just a bit off.
> Any chance of getting a new title next July??!

This applies in the UK too, where I suspect it was a significant
factor in the initiative not taking off, this year.

"Wiki loves buildings", "...architecture" or even "...listed
buildings" (the latter very UK specific) would be more descriptive.

Andy Mabbett

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