[Wiki Loves Monuments] WikiLovesMonuments Digest, Vol 19, Issue 7

Peter Ekman pdekman at gmail.com
Mon Jul 2 16:24:13 UTC 2012

There was a very subtle typo earlier
try http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/National_Register_of_Historic_Places_listings_in_central_Washington,_D.C.

As far as dates, I'd guess most American would prefer the month of
July.  Folks are on vacation and have the time for recreational
photography.  The month is also very symbolic, e.g. Independence Day
in the US, Canada Day in Canada, Bastille Day in France, etc.  Also
daylight in the northern hemisphere is near its longest, which can
help in photography (sorry Australia!)

One more American quirk - "Monuments" here means lots of things here -
but is probably most associated with what we've been calling "public
art" - sculptures to famous people.  Another use is for "gravestone".
So while most of us probably understand how "registered historic
places" fits in with "Wiki Loves Monuments" it seems just a bit off.
Any chance of getting a new title next July??!

Pete Ekman

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> Hi,
> interesting announcement :) I myself have been thinking of organizing a new
> 'Wiki Loves' in June 2013 (I don't think May is a good month due to the
> exams everywhere - and students will make up a significant part of the
> organizers), probably first in the Netherlands. I am still doubting between
> some 20 different ideas which were shared by several people; ranging from a
> relaunch of the good old 'Wiki Loves Art' (it would be preferable if WLPA
> could get a name that is not as easily confused with WLA) all the way to a
> Wiki Loves Food (photograph food items, dishes etc in your country/region)
> or Wiki Loves Concepts (photograph concepts like 'love', 'community',
> 'neighborhood', 'philosophy' etc as explanatory and useful as possible).
> Wiki Loves Public Art is amongst those ideas too (as are non-photo
> contests), although I should admit personally it is not my favorite :)
> So... would it perhaps make sense to do WLPA one or even two months
> earlier? (March/April) That way it would leave three months per year to do
> a contest (but imho running two in a country is already quite a challange!
> Best,
> Lodewijk

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