[Wiki Loves Monuments] Action Points from berlin

Lodewijk lodewijk at effeietsanders.org
Sun May 22 15:25:16 UTC 2011

Hi all,

I have been processing the notes of the Berlin meeting into the
documentation, and came across this action list:

   - Raymond: keep an eye on and get in touch with the Account Creation
   Improvement Project.
   - Maarten: get the right people in touch with Layar folks
   - Maarten: make sure the Europa Nostra article gets published
   - Tomasz: Do the calendars stuff and find the sponsors.
   - Tim: Get us in touch with Open Streetmap people
   - Maarten: work on a tool to transfer data to templates
   - Elke: Come up with better definition for technical quality jury
   - Maarten: take the lead on formation European jury
   - Kilian: Take the lead on travel agency prizes
   - Nuno: Find out if there are interesting prize opportunities in
   Guimarães that is cultural capital in 2012
   - Nicole: Check out Zeiss opportunities
   - Alice: get inormation about Wikipic, where you can find pictures
   independent of description, language etc, it was developed by Daniel Kinzler
   of WM Germany.
   - Hay: Fix the European website (list of millions of detailed
   "suggestions" on meeting page)
   - Niklas: Get in touch with Maarten about national heritage board
   - Julia: see what religious organizations might be interesting, write a
   short introduction about the topic to the mailing list, check out European
   Youth Forum, UNESCO stuff
   - Andrea: check out San Marino & San Maarten (contact Delphine)
   - SJ: spread the word with world wide cultural institutions
   - Raymond: Set up OTRS system for WLM
   - Maarten: Make sure of @wikilovesmonuments.eu redirects
   - Maarten: Partnering with DISH
   - JeanFred: Write email to maillist for village pump announcement so we
   don't forget.
   - Many prototypes/no tools -> AP Maarten, send email.
   - Platonides: Take the lead on getting the API finished
   - Tomasz will do the goodies checking - what is possible and what is not.
   - Michael: send around email with the results and link to full notes.

Please strike it on
you are done with it. I will start poking people somewhere this week
Also, it is helpful if you add any new action points that come up.


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