[Wiki Loves Monuments] Agreement between Wikimedia Polska and National Heritage Board of Poland + update

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Fri Jun 24 16:21:03 UTC 2011

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I haven't been thinking about the Commons categories like that and I
honestly can't see the reason for them to be deleted -- they won't be
empty in the future, we'll just need to wait a bit, for the
categorisation process is ongoing :-)) As for the portal page, I will
add links to our local Wikipedia lists of monuments that we have been
creating, thanks for the information.

As for the Unesco petition, Wikimedia Polska hasn't considered
supporting it -- all signatures coming from Poland are the decision of
the supporting users. Most probably there will be no banner on the main
page of the Polish Wikipedia due to the way the process has been
organised: as you may probably know, a World Heritage Site nominee has
to be proposed by a state -- not by the mean of a public petition, and
this is what we have strong reservations about.

It is said that the initial reaction of the chapters at the Chapters'
Conference in April was "overwhelmingly positive"; as far as I am
concerned, the reaction of the Polish chapter's representatives was just
lukewarm (reasons above). I've met with the National Heritage Board on
19 May and we haven't discussed this subject due to not having an
official stance of our chapter.

Warm regards,
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