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Sun Jun 22 11:36:51 UTC 2014

*keeping crosslisting*

22.06.2014 14:10, Amir E. Aharoni написав(ла):
> What makes more sense at this point is to start adding a paragraph 
> about Wikidata to the Tech News as they are rather than having a whole 
> separate translatable newsletter. In the Tech News there's a whole 
> paragraph every week about the VisualEditor, and there are short 
> updates about CirrusSearch and MediaViewer almost every week. A weekly 
> update about Wikidata can be there, too. If a whole paragraph is too 
> long, a couple of the most important points would be a good beginning.
> It takes me less than ten minutes a week to translate each whole Tech 
> News issue. Adding a few sentences about Wikidata should add no more 
> than two minutes to the time that the translators already invest. I 
> think that it's perfectly doable.
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> 2014-06-22 13:32 GMT+03:00 Bohdan Melnychuk <base-w at yandex.ru 
> <mailto:base-w at yandex.ru>>:
>     Hello,
>     I want the subject's mailing list to be translatable and delivered
>     the same way as it's with Tech news. I've asked about it on it's
>     subscription page's talk page and faced there Lydia, who doesn't
>     believe that there would be any volunteers (except for me in the
>     current point) to translate it.
>     So if you would like to translate the newsletter when it would be
>     set to be possible, could you leave a note in
>     [[:m:Talk:Global_message_delivery/Targets/Wikidata#Multilingual
>     distribution
>     <https://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Talk:Global_message_delivery/Targets/Wikidata#Multilingual%20distribution>]]
>     about your willing so we get Lydia convinced :) Poking friends who
>     may do it is welcome as well ;)
>     Also it would be nice if Odder or/and Guillom leave a note about
>     technical side of such delivery the same way as the latter was so
>     kind to leave in Education newsletter's talk :)
>     Yours sincerely,
>     --Base
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