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Philippe Verdy verdy_p at wanadoo.fr
Sun Feb 9 20:58:27 UTC 2014

As a side note, it would be fun if the "Special:MyLanguage/" extension
could also work as the source of transclusion, so instead of writing

Translations:Tech/News/2014/07/Page display
title/{{uselang}}|{{TNT|Translations:Tech/News/2014/07/Page display
title|uselang={{uselang}}}}|Tech News: 2014-W07}}]]

We could use more directly:

Translations:Tech/News/2014/07/Page display title}}]]

This could require change in MetaWiki's support of transclusion so that it
can expand also the content of a special page. For now an attempt to
transclude a special page only returns a link to its given page name. There
may be issues to allow this because some special pages are very costly (or
there could be privacy issues when transcluding some special pages
performing special actions).

But a whitelist could be used in the MediaWiki support of transclusion to
allow it to expand the contents of "Special:MyLanguage/*" but not
 for example.


However if the "Special:MyLanguage/" prefix can work to create target links
on Meta (or on another wiki) by using it after an interwiki prefix ("m:"
here for Meta), this does not work with template translcusions for now! You
still cannot transclude locally the content of a page located on another
wiki: transclusion only works locally. So the following does not work
because of this "m:" prefix in the source of transclusion:

Translations:Tech/News/2014/07/Page display title}}]]

This will only work via a long-waited new feature to support interwiki
transclusion with some mecanism (where the full expansion, and wiki parsing
will actually be performed by the target wiki (not locally), whuch will be
intructed to convert its local links using an additional interwiki prefix
given by the source wiki (like what is done in the "File:" namespace for
expanding the description pages located on Commons: the expansion of the
description page is performed by Commons, which inserts the additional
"commons:" interwiki prefix to the links rendered in the description page,
as instructed by the remote wiki requesting this expansion).
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