[Translators-l] Ready for translation: Tech news summary #25, distributed tomorrow

Philippe Verdy verdy_p at wanadoo.fr
Sun Jun 16 13:39:20 UTC 2013

OK now at least we've got a link to Metawiki containing all other updated
translations, but this is less visible, the notification received on Talk
page may be outdated or not translated at all, or just partly translated,
and there's no way to reedit all these user talk pages later after the
initial post.

But couldn't we transmit these news in templates for the delivery to
Wikimedia wikis ? It would allow controlling the content that all users on
that wiki will receive and see, and correct it (or translate it there if
this was not done) in one place, so that all local users will benefir from
these corrections.

What I mean, the bot would use a different scheme for posting to the
Template: namespace of that wiki : instead of adding a new section, it
would create a subpage of a given main template name, and would possibly
change the content of that main template to be a simple redirect to the
appropriate subpage created by the bot.

Then instead of posting the full content of the news to each user talk page
of that wiki, it would send just add a title for the new heading, just
followed by the transclusion of the template subpage (this would also
reduce the amount of wikitext posted to each talk page, meaning also less
work for the Bot posting them to subscribers).

I suggest subpages, with the base template name in the language of that
wiki, and the subpage named with the date. controbutors on local wikis
themselves could organize these subpages in categories if needed, or would
just list them by listing pages with the same common prefixes in their
name, the list being generated on the main template page by a simple search
for this prefix, or by other local means.

As an additional benefit, a "Fuzzybot" could then update these local
templates more easily than trying to modify talk pages, once the
translations have progressed on MetaWiki.

Also I wonder if your bot can post on talk pages organized with
LiquidThread (but here again transcluding the template instead of the text
would also help).

2013/6/16 Tomasz W. Kozlowski <tomasz at twkozlowski.net>

> (Apologies for possibly breaking the thread — I've just re–enabled mail
> delivery from this list.)
> Hi Philippe,
> thank you for your comments and ideas; I really appreciate your taking the
> time to post your thoughts on how to make Tech News better.
> As far as I know, Tech News is the first global weekly newsletter that is
> being regularly translated into around 5-6 languages, so we're learning
> from our mistakes and really blazing the trail here[1].
> Back to the topic, I would agree with Niklas: since we're trying not to
> change things that are repeated in every issue if not absolutely required
> to (though I myself have changed a couple of <tvar> recently), it should be
> possible for you to use existing translations from the translation memory.
> Using templates would, in my opinion, only complicate the matters and make
> it harder for us to send the issue to local talk pages and village pumps
> (but I think Guillaume would know more about this).
> For now, we changed the publication time to Saturday evening, UTC time,
> for reasons stated by Guillaume. /This particular/ issue was published
> around 8 PM UTC (10 PM Geneva time) — do you think it'll be helpful if we
> tried to publish the issues a bit earlier, for instance at around 8 PM
> Geneva time (6 PM UTC)?
> We still aim to have the issue posted globally in 24 hours after following
> the publication, so this probably wouldn't change much, but still — if
> that'll help you, then I guess we can think it over.
> == References ==
> * [1] There is of course, Wikimedia Highlights and there was Wikimedia
> Quatro before that, but the former is a monthly, and the latter was a,
> well, quarterly...
>         -- Tomasz
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