[Translators-l] Two requests in preparation for the upcoming deployment of MediaWiki 1.19

Philippe Verdy verdy_p at wanadoo.fr
Mon Feb 13 20:52:10 UTC 2012

Final note to admins, I have tried to check the existing translations,
to assert that they don't say something completely different (possibly
offensive), or that the essential meaning is present (notably the
differences of time, between the 1st sentence of  the 1st item and the
1st sentence of 2nd item).

However, the matters of prefered language style, choice of "best"
vocabulary, or of a more exact meaning matching the English source,
cannot be asserted. This is just a superficial verification, based on
dictionnaries. But I cannot use those dictionnaries to provide any
translations for most languages.

Such verification is necessary before putting such notices that will
be displayed boldly online, on all pages of the concerned wiki
projects displaying them to all visitors.

But I have not checked all (notably not those that are marked as
"proofreading", "complete/ready", or "published". Did you verify them
using some external tools translating them back to English ?

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