[Translators-l] [Fundraising 2010] Jimmy's Thank You Letter

KIZU Naoko aphaia at gmail.com
Sun Jan 2 10:29:11 UTC 2011

Hi, some additional notes for later consideration before I'm drowned
into New Year Sake cups ...
(it might be more suitable for mediawiki-i18n, forward is welcome)

As Takashi described, ja thank you citenotice went wrong, literally it
has read "Wikipedia Founder / Thank-you words / Wikipedia Founder
Jimmy Wales".

Solution (tentative, I hope)
modified [[MediaWiki:Centralnotice-2010_Jimmy_trans-donate-text1]] and
[[MediaWiki:Centralnotice-2010_Jimmy_trans-donate-text2]]. Blanked
text1 and merge its content into text2.

Now Ja centralnotice has got grammatical correctness.

Side effect:
The original Jimmy's message (Jimmy_trans-donate-text1 was a part of
it) won't go as intended. Oops.

My opinions are as follows:
1) Centralnotice-2010_Jimmy_trans-donate-text* should have been
undivided as Takashi claims. This division went wrong when it goes
with false assumption the divided message order were same in every
language. It doesn't.
2) But it happened. So for the instant remedy, the message shouldn't
have been reused. Even it looks redundant, a new message should have
been created for this purpose I think. Like Jimmy's "urgent message"
has its own messages, including "Ple.ase Read:"

English language syntax is unique to English, in which MediaWiki
default is written: it's not necessarily shared with any other
languages. People who are working on i18n/l10n should keep language
diversity in mind: there are languages your philosophy have never
imagined between the Heaven and the Earth.


On Sun, Jan 2, 2011 at 1:42 AM, Takashi OTA
<supertakot+translators at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi lists, Happy New Year,
> I'm reading the ja version of centralnotice of Jimmy's Thank You Letter,
> and found that the ja messages seemed grammatically wrong.
> It comes from:
> {{int:Centralnotice-2010_Jimmy_trans-donate-text1}} <br />
> {{int:Centralnotice-20110101_YETY002_OT-personal-appeal}}
> En messages are:
> {{int:Centralnotice-2010_Jimmy_trans-donate-text1}}: Please read:
> {{int:Centralnotice-20110101_YETY002_OT-personal-appeal}}: A Thank You
> from Wikipedia Founder Jimmy Wales
> The corresponding message to "please read" comes at the last in Japanese.
> That's why the message seemed out of order.
> --
> Fortunately, Aphaia-san helped me by putting (visually) empty the former one,
> and putting rest of that to the latter one. Now it's fixed. Kudos goes to her.
> Still, it's a very ad-hoc fix. Messages should correspond each other in
> principle.
> Lesson from this: grammars differ in languages. If it would be one sentence,
> let it be. Please don't divide it.
> --Takashi
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