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Sun Jan 7 16:43:09 UTC 2007

into translation mainly due to complexity of [[TR]] series. They
hardly found the page they might be a help. And even for me, the pages
increasing in number are hard to grasp in a minutes. Also, there are
no instruction for newcomers. And today we have two portal pages:
[[Translations]] and [[TR]] and their merger have been one of our
concerns. All those concerns are better to solve as soon as possible.

Now I am developing  a possible replacement on my userpage
[[User:Aphaia/Sandbox]]. Today I wrote two kind of "Translate me" page
where people can submit their requests (of course if you have no
problem to set it up on TR/Translations, please do. It is a kind of
"XX for dummies"). One earlier created page is verbose and later one
is a bit simple (too much?). Perhaps via media would be better ....
and you can help us to find the way.

Please visit two pages and give your comment to [[User
talk:Aphaia/Sandbox]] (not [[Talk:TR]] for avoiding confusion with the
current TR related talks, if any).

URLs: (verbose) (simple) (Comment here)

Thank you for your attention,

KIZU Naoko
  * habent enim emolumentum in labore suo *

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