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Hello Jon,  thank you for your translation of disclaimer, and frank opinion.

I must admit I am guilty of the current situation to a wider extent,
so I agree with you that current system is far away from a system
well-designed and full-scratched; I add elements occasionally ... some
parts may be outdated, some parts may be duplicated and also there are
others' contributions. It can work at any rate, but far from efficient
... and anglocentric. Shortly there are many things we may want to
improve. Or precisely we may want full replacement.

I propose we will have a new system in the early of the next year. On
April 1. We will work to launch the new system through first three
months. And the current one will be replaced with the new coming one.
But with what? That's what we are going to scratch for now.

So,  let us share difficulties, uncomfortable things or proposals for
now. Imagine now we have a website or something, it isn't necessarily
a wiki, just somewhere we are collaborating together. What would you
like there?

Let's begin our brainstorm.
So, Jon, would you let us share your opinions more closely?

On 12/9/06, Jon Harald Søby <jhsoby at gmail.com> wrote:
> I must say, the translation system used on Meta is extremely intricate
> and complicated. I have talked with several users who don't understand
> squat of it, and frankly, neither do I. In other words, the system is
> faulty - we get a lot less translations now than we could have had,
> because the system scares people away. The whole thing should be
> re-done from scratch, in my opinion.
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