[Mediawiki-i18n] I18n deployment 2012-04-24

Niklas Laxstrom nlaxstrom at wikimedia.org
Sat Apr 21 05:33:42 UTC 2012

There have been some changes to i18n deployments because of the
migration to git. The deployment window is now on Tuesdays at
16:30-17:30 UTC. But most of our changes are going to happen during
the general deployments, which has been split to four days across two
weeks. In i18n deployment window we are going to mostly do
configuration changes and deployments of new extensions.

Our plans:
* Translation administrators are given access to
Special:AggregateGroups on projects using Translate extension
* Narayam on te.wikipedia.org (bug 33480)
** This probably happens after the git deployment on Wednesday

For later deployments we also have translation memory service and
TranslationNotifications extension coming.

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