[Wiki Loves Monuments] Update from wlm Perú

Johnattan Rupire jarjacha at riseup.net
Thu Aug 11 03:03:46 UTC 2016

Hi all!

yesterday I was in a meeting with a representant from Culture Ministry
in his office. We talked about the possible participation of this
Ministry through Qhapac Ñan Project Office in WLMPerú2016 and we have a
many signals to think this will be materialized this year. I have a hope
about this.

They showed me an official map for material heritage in Perú [1],
specially arqueological, monuments and areas. They say we can use this
information to wlmPeru2016.

After export this data [2], and with a first look, some monuments dont
have geo code to located it. So, I ask to OpenStreetMap community here
to comparate data bases and look it for geodata missed. I think there
are so many monuments that not be in these lists.

I asked them to participate as jury with a member and they suggest a
Professional Photographer from Ministry who has made many pictures for
their projects. In this point I suggest a looking for a some way to
release some (or all) pictures from their data base. Maybe some of you
have an experience in this task? I mean, in a data release from
gubernamental office to wikipedia? I would like to propose them a simple
way to do it and share with they some arguments to do this in a public
way that inspire some others offices. I'm looking for a meeting with
Education Ministry ...

So, we have a direct way to coordinate his participation in wlmPeru2016
and they are waiting for some feedback from us to do it.
Next week we have another meeting, we hope arrive it with many questions
and proposals.

This is all for this moment.


[1] http://sigda.cultura.gob.pe/

Johnattan Rupire

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