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Hi Nicolas,

Potentially broadening the scope of WLM is something we are actively
considering. So please keep your ideas coming, we can even open a page
somewhere (if it already doesn't exist) and continue this discussion there
with the understanding that the high priority for the international team at
the moment is to make sure we have a successful 2016 contest, so we may be
slow in engaging for some time.

Leila, on behalf of the WLM international team

On Wed, Aug 3, 2016 at 11:40 AM, Nicolas VIGNERON <
vigneron.nicolas at gmail.com> wrote:

> 016-08-03 19:59 GMT+02:00 Lodewijk <lodewijk at effeietsanders.org>:
> >
> > Hey Saqib,
> >
> > I'm sure the international team is onto answering this, but in the mean
> time, I'm curious, could you link to the lists you're talking about? What
> is the list of tangible heritage, and what is on the list of intangible
> heritage? How big are the lists? That way everybody understands better what
> you're talking about. Two links could be easiest.
> >
> > Best,
> > Lodewijk
> Hi,
> If possible, I'd like to see that list too (fro information ; we though
> about ICH in France and we have a list - https://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/
> Inventaire_du_patrimoine_culturel_immatériel_en_France - bot most of the
> items on this list are not visual - logical as we speak about intangible
> things - and thus not easily photographiable).
> I wait for the international team answer but in my humble and personal
> opinion, it is a very good idea to broaden the scope of WLM (we talked
> about it at Wikimania) and I think we should experiment new things (in
> France, last year, we added vehicles monuments for a special prize but it
> didn't work very well, probably because we didn't communicate enough... I'm
> eager to hear about other experiments in other countries).
> Cdlt, ~nicolas
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