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Jean-Frédéric jeanfrederic.wiki at gmail.com
Thu Sep 3 01:13:50 UTC 2015

Hi Miguel-Ángel ,

The situation of the monument lists in the Spanish Wikipedia is as follows:

Thank you for this summary! This is really helpful :)

>    - Lists are made of {{tl|Fila BIC}} templates. There is one 'Fila LIC'
>    per monument.
>    - If available, the monument code is included by means of the 'bic'
>    parameter. The value for the key 'bic' is the monument code. This code is
>    usually the argument of the {{tl|BIC}} template in commons.
> All good.

>    - If there is a commons category for the monument, it's in the
>    'categoría-Commons' parameter.
> Ah ah! The bot expected a 'commonscat' parameter. I changed that in <

>    - If such a category does not exist yet (no or very few pictures yet,
>    nobody is aware of the availability of pictures...) auxiliary categories
>    have been defined, with the following names: categoría-Commons-auxiliar,
>    categoría-Commons-auxiliar1, categoría-Commons-auxiliar2 and
>    categoría-Commons-defecto.
> Unfortunately the bot does not support such logic. Sorry :-/

> However, at the moment, we're in the process of filling the category
> parameters in the monument lists. Most of them may be empty yet.

That’s good!

> Hope this helps. Feel free to come back with any question or comment.

This report page is quite useful for you:

It shows the fields found in the lists not recognised by the bot. Some of
them (the ones with small counts) are typos that you can fix (I also have
more complete logs that include *where* the typo was found, which helps ;)
; others (rather the ones with big counts) may rather indicate a
misconfiguration of the bot. That’s the case with 'categoría-Commons': the
bot does not recognise it although it should. That one should be fixed at
the next bot run.

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