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On Fri, Jul 31, 2015 at 3:25 AM, Romaine Wiki <romaine.wiki at gmail.com>

> Hi all,
> In this discussion I see multiple things being suggested, or maybe only
> thought of.
> * Moving the monument database to Wikidata: for the 2015 edition it will
> not be possible because of the amount of workload. If it is possible for
> the 2016 edition I do not know, but keep in mind that there is more needed
> then only moving some data from location A to location B. There is a
> complete infrastructure behind it that needs to work. Let's not think too
> light hearted about this, the infrastructure is vital and crucial.

Don't start thinking about migrations, this is not something that should be
started before November.

> * Lists of monuments maintained in one place: sorry to say, but to get
> this completely maintained only in Wikidata is a fairytale. Not because it
> is not possible, but because there are people involved and there are
> requirements set for articles/lists by communities. From the Wikidata
> perspective it sounds perhaps ideal to maintain it in one place, but then
> the (whole) Wikipedia perspective is missing. Then you can say that you
> edit Wikipedia a lot, but then you missed the point. There is a big clash
> between some users who have the Wikidata perspective who think a lot of
> codes in Wikipedia articles is okay, and users from the Wikipedia
> perspective who think all those codes in articles are not okay. Wikipedia
> is strongly built from the perspective that anyone can edit articles, and
> this is something that made Wikipedia big and is often considered an
> important characteristic of Wikipedia. Of course you can say that users can
> edit Wikidata when there are codes in Wikipedia, but that is thought too
> simple for multiple reasons. (...)

An important point to be taken into account is that Wikidata is *hard* to
edit. I can point to a wiki-based list, and no matter the template and
curly braces perhaps looking ugly, it can be quickly grasped. I'm not sure
we could ensure the same storing things in wikidata. And WLM in many
countries is run by organisers that are not exactly wiki experts, much less
wikidata ones...

PS: Jean, send a mail if you need help with erfgoedbot.
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