[Wiki Loves Monuments] Fwd: Moving monuments database to Wikidata

Nicolas VIGNERON vigneron.nicolas at gmail.com
Thu Jul 30 10:17:34 UTC 2015

> The advantage of using the Wikidata list items for this purpose is that
> you have some control in presentation, whereas live queries have a
> haphazard list order based on date-of-creation-of-the-Wikidata-item

Then, isn't the solution to build better tools instead of duplicating the
information ?

Maybe something like Crotos ( http://zone47.com/crotos/ ) but for monument.
@Magnus : sorting Autolist results wood be great (I'm too puzzled by the «
haphazard order »).

@Jane : It's kind of counterintuitive but in the long and the short terms,
manual list are a harder and messier way to build list (that's why Marteen
build the Erfgoed databse in the first place) and that's a barrier to entry

Cdlt, ~nicolas
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