[Wiki Loves Monuments] Bug in wikilovesmonuments.wikimedia.it

Platonides platonides at gmail.com
Sat Aug 22 22:24:35 UTC 2015

El 22/08/15 20:34, Ricordisamoa escribió:
> Without cookies enabled, it keeps refreshing again and again.
> FIX it ASAP! (I hope no one got paid for it)

<s>The page works for me with cookies disabled.</s>¹ The cookie warning 
is undismissable, though.
<rant>I don't like how websites tend to say "you can block the cookie 
with your browser settings", but then that translates to "we will show 
you an annoying banner every time".</rant>

Given that you use wordpress_test_cookie, and consider it a technical 
cookie, you could set it and not show the banner if it's not set and the 
referer is your own page. In addition of allowing to dismiss the banner 
without reloading the page.

The last 2 rows of the 
http://wikilovesmonuments.wikimedia.it/cookie-policy/ table seem wrong, btw.

¹ Turns out it sometimes works, and sometimes doesn't, on multiple pages.

Cool page, though.

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