[Wiki Loves Monuments] Update: The license of the upload wizard changed to 4.0

Romaine Wiki romaine.wiki at gmail.com
Mon Aug 17 13:14:21 UTC 2015

Hello all,

In all the upload wizards for Wiki Loves Monuments since today CC BY-SA-4.0
is used, instead of 3.0. This change has been implemented as 4.0 is the
most updated license that is promoted by Creative Commons

*What should you do?*
Please check your documentation for the mentioning of CC BY-SA-3.0 and
change this to CC BY-SA-4.0. Please also note that localised CC BY-SA-xx
(with the xx the country code of your language) also changes to CC
BY-SA-4.0 (without the suffix!!).

CC BY-SA-3.0 changes to CC BY-SA-4.0
CC BY-SA-3.0-at changes to CC BY-SA-4.0
CC BY-SA-3.0-de changes to CC BY-SA-4.0
CC BY-SA-3.0-es changes to CC BY-SA-4.0

CC BY-3.0 changes to CC BY-4.0

*Don't forgot*
Don't forget to read the requirements for local organisers

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