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Wed Sep 24 23:30:53 UTC 2014

Dear Wikimedian friends and colleagues,

tl;dr We have just launched our second round of voluntary reporting.
This is the
most epic data collection and analysis of Wikimedia programs we've done so
far as a movement, and all program leaders are invited to take part. :-)
You can do so here:
https://wikimedia.qualtrics.com/SE/?SID=SV_0B3azKpdZ7ggCtD (or get in touch
with the L&E team for support).

As we did in the Fall of 2013, we invite community members leading and
evaluating Wikimedia programs to share their data with the rest of the
movement (i.e., Edit-a-thons, Editing Workshops, On-wiki Writing Contests,
Photo Events, etc.). Last year’s data was collected and analysed in a
series of reports that was the beginning of telling the Wikimedia story of
impact: the incredible work of over 60 program leaders implementing 119
programs or projects in 30 countries across the world. This helped us start
building a set of good and best practices for effective programs across our
movement.[1] This year’s data drive will be critical to help us continue to
do and learn better from each other.

To best prepare, program leaders can review the reporting items [1] and
start gathering that data you have filed away about your programs since the
last reporting round. We are looking for data on programs completed any
time from September 1, 2013 through September 30, 2014. You can ask
questions directly on the reporting form preview [2] or on our portal talk
page [3]. If you are planning to report and may need support from us, do
let us know so that we can help in any way needed.

When ready, you will find the reporting collector at:


We also welcome your data in different formats. For example, if you have
already reported data elsewhere, we are happy to work with you to make the
process as easy as possible. Message eval at wikimedia.org and we can work out
the easiest way to include your data.

We are expanding the number of programs covered in the reporting this year,
and extend the reporting window longer for some new programs, GLAM, and
Wiki Loves Monuments. See the schedule below for timelines for reporting for
each program type.

Data submission deadlines by program:

Due by October 20th


   Edit-a-thons/editing parties

   Editing Workshops

Due by November 3rd


   On-wiki Writing Contests


   Photo Events (Wiki Loves Earth, WikiExpeditions, WikiTakes, etc.)

   Wikipedia Education Program

Due by November 17th



   GLAM Content Donation


   Wiki Loves Monuments (2013 and 2014)

   Wikimedian in Residence

Remember, reporting is voluntary but the more people do it, the better
representation of programs we can make. This voluntary reporting allows us
to come together and generate a bird’s eye view of programs [4]. We want to
understand the impact of programs across different contexts, to examine
both more broadly, and more deeply, what works best to meet our shared
goals for Wikimedia and to, together, grow the awesome [5] in Wikimedia

On behalf of the Learning and Evaluation team, thank you for your time and
support in this initiative.



Resource links:



[3] https://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Grants_talk:Evaluation

[5] http://www.nbp.org/nbp/images/book_photos/MAG-AWESOME.jpg


*Anasuya SenguptaSenior Director of GrantmakingWikimedia Foundation*

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