[Wiki Loves Monuments] Countries which have no CentralNotice now

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Mon Sep 1 03:34:19 UTC 2014

Hello all,

Today I have performed a check of all the landing pages. I have contacted
all the organizers when they had a difficulty in their website/landing
page. Some wrote that they do not participate this year, other teams are
still working. I have updated the list of countries on Commons:

The list of countries contains now 38 participating countries. There are
also 7 other countries of which the team is supposed to start at 1
September, but isn't ready yet. I am still waiting for replies to my
messages, until then the upload wizard of these countries is still active,
but the CentralNotice is not. The 7 countries what I am waiting for are:

* Armenia & Nagorno-Karabakh - no organisation?
* Aruba - no landing page/website
* Cambodia - no landing page, no translations, no reply to mail
* Morocco - no landing page, no organisation?
* Portugal - no landing page, no organisation
* Qatar - no landing page
* Venezuela - website not up-to-date or no landing page, no organisation?

If anyone has more information about these countries, please share it with

Thanks all for the help and organizing!

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