[Wiki Loves Monuments] Request for input: Wiki Loves-training

Lodewijk lodewijk at effeietsanders.org
Thu Nov 6 22:20:36 UTC 2014

Hi all,

This is a quite early stage idea, so please don't shout me down for not
having specifics yet :)

Looking back at the past few years of Wiki Loves Monuments, Wiki Loves
Earth and now also Wiki Loves Africa (all built upon the same philosophy
it stroke me that there is so much being learned in different countries,
but that we are not always effectively sharing that among ourselves. Even
if we share, it doesn't seem that the best practices make it actually to
the implementation - I think there's room for improvement here, and that
this could increase the outcomes (in many different ways) and reduce the
costs (especially in volunteer organizing time).

In the first year that we organized the competition on a global scale, we
had a very effective meeting (May 2011
with a bunch of people from countries that indicated they wanted to
organize WLM later that year. Although much was to be improved, it helped
to build an effective network of people helping each other to organize
effective competitions - sharing skills, tools and inspiration. The
discussions there were in my opinion a major component in the success of
the competitions in 2011 and 2012 (in 2012 we also had a shorter meeting in

At the same time we have seen the many challenges to get together an
effective international team. While I want to applaud the wonderful work
done by volunteers nationally and internationally, I had the impression
that both at Wiki Loves Earth and later at Wiki Loves Monuments, a better
international coordination could have helped the competition.

I would like you to ponder a bit with me, and think whether it would be
useful to organize again a training meeting for a variety of organizers
around the world, where skills and experiences can be transferred, best
practices can be shared, the network of organizers internationally can be
strengthened and the international coordination can be given a push in the

First of all, please think whether this would be a good idea, and if so
what should be the goals, realistic outcomes and what kind of organizers
should be joining definitely. After that, we can draft up the budget, the
pro's and con's and consider whether this would be a wise investment of our
time and money. Don't worry just yet if it is realistic to request the
money etc - that is a separate discussion.

My initial attitude is positive yet somewhat critical (I know it's going to
be expensive, but I think if there is enough support, it could be worth it)
and I very much look forward to your thoughts. Your input would be highly
valued on this page
Wikimedia Commons.

Looking forward to your very valuable thoughts,


PS: I am very happy to help organize such a training to help future
competitions, but please don't think I will join the international team
again :) Just want to be realistic.
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