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Cristian Consonni kikkocristian at gmail.com
Mon Jan 13 13:02:03 UTC 2014

Hi all,

2014/1/11 Lodewijk <lodewijk at effeietsanders.org>:
> While countries are needed to organize it successfully (very much!) you will
> also need a dedicated international team of 5-7 people to coordinate
> everything, assuming it will be more than 10 countries. It is quite a bit of
> work :) Especially, on the technical side a good (and better) coordination
> is required to make sure things are ready in time. Without an international
> team, I don't see an international competition happening. Of course you
> could try to organize a national competition anyway (nothing prohibits that
> really), but you'll have to do some of the stuff the international community
> picked up in the past years yourself.

*strong* quote of Lodewijk here.
Let me express my thought here: if we want to have the international
WLM in 2014 all we need to do (and it is not a simple task!) is to
find 7 people willing to be the next international team. I can help in
2014 too, but I will not have much more time than what I had this year
(which is not very much, ask Lodewijk and the other WLM-i members
about that). (and yes, I know I am lagging behind with a lot of

2014/1/12 Maarten Dammers <maarten at mdammers.nl>:
> In my opinion we should not organize Wiki Loves Monuments in 2014 and not
> even local competitions under that name. Wiki Loves Monuments was very
> successful over the last couple of years and of course people are eager to
> continue with that, but I'm very afraid of the sequel syndrome: Each next
> edition gets worse than the previous one. I'd rather not do it this year and
> maybe do it again in 2015 or 2016. Than everyone who is a bit fed up with
> the project might be up to a new edition.

My personal opinion on this point is the same as Samat:

2014/1/12 Samat <samat78 at gmail.com>:
> In global sense it can be true -- specially if the experienced international
> team gives up support it and we couldn't find a new one with members into
> every role -- but shouldn't be true in local level. Many countries joined to
> this project only last year or plan to join this year, and in these
> countries the competition is in a growing and increasing stage. In my
> opinion we shouldn't forbid for these countries organizing an international
> competition together or organizing a competition under the name of WLM.

I can totally understand that volunteers from France, The Nederlands
or Poland (please note that these are just random names) which already
had 3 editions of WLM (4 for NL) may be willing to do something else,
possibly not even related with photography. But those volunteers are
also the most experienced with organizing WLM both on the local and
the international level. It would be great if somebody of them would
be willing to join the international team since (or thanks to the fact
that) there will be no WLM in 2014 in their country.

2014/1/12 Maarten Dammers <maarten at mdammers.nl>:
> I'm not even sure if we should do a photo competition this year, we don't
> want to become a one trick movement.
> One thing I would like is that the language Wikipedia's have "heritage" as
> the writing theme for September 2014.

(OT) but writing is much more difficult [time-demanding? tedious?
whatever? ...] than taking photos. You can not have a nice stroll
around and since you are already there you just write something (/OT)

> Something else. All these projects seem to rely on ErfgoedBot. That's hosted
> on the Toolserver and unless someone else takes it over, I'm going to let it
> die with the Toolserver. Might be a bit inconvenient if you're in the middle
> of a photo competition.

Adding a couple of info for everybody here: there was a plan to
transfer it to WMFLabs, AFAIK one problem was this bug[*]


[*] <https://bugzilla.wikimedia.org/show_bug.cgi?id=48851>

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