[Wiki Loves Monuments] [Jury Tool] Translations

Federico Leva (Nemo) nemowiki at gmail.com
Sat Sep 28 20:38:22 UTC 2013

David Narvaez, 28/09/2013 20:47:
> On Sat, Sep 28, 2013 at 10:37 AM, Federico Leva (Nemo)
> <nemowiki at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Hi, sorry about that. Where did you look?
>> https://translatewiki.net/wiki/Translating:New_project
>> Mainly, the question is where the code is and what sort of XML you're using. Links please!
> git://gitorious.org/wiki-loves-monuments-pa/wlmpa-jurytool.git
> XLIFF (which has partial support in translatewiki as far as I could
> tell), but could probably manage to set up YAML files instead.
>> Adding new stuff rarely takes as little as two days though, unless it's in an existing project.
> I visited the link above and was under the impression that it was not
> possible to set the translations up in less than a couple of days so
> figured out I didn't understand it right. Now it seems I did.

Well, you could prepare a patch like this yourself if you really wanted 
to get it done quickly: 
Siebrand will probably be busy enough with the survey which also needs 
adding (if he has time at all), so I'll probably try to help with that 
first if I can.


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