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Dear Lodewijk, dear all,

When reading your lines, two options spring to my mind:

1)    The movement decides as a whole which big contest will be run in which year. The objective would be to make it as big as possible, meaning that we would aim for 50+ countries. Alternating between themes as you suggest would certainly make sense.

2)    There are several thematic contests taking place every year. The decision to run a particular contest in a given year would be country-based. So, individual countries would decide whether they pause in a given year or take up another theme. Probably, these contests would be a bit smaller, maybe uniting only 10-20 countries at a time.

When choosing between the two options, there are several questions I would ask:

-       What option makes life easier for local organizers / chapters? (planning security, flexibility, managing partner relationships, getting the right lists ready at the right moment, etc.)

-       Is it easier to handle several smaller contests or one big contest at the international level (economies of scale; coordination effort both at the technical and the organizational level)?

-       How important is it to be able to say that we are running the largest photo contest worldwide?

I don't have the answers; and there are probably more relevant questions to be asked...


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As I also indicated elsewhere, I have my doubts about some of these conclusions. Yes, there's enthusiasm for many different initiatives (the session at Wikimania had a focus on improving the concept and surfacing innovation), but we should reconsider the picture as a whole. I'm not convinced that we should continue with Wiki Loves Monuments should be repeated in 2014, but that it would perhaps be good to pause it for one or two years, at the benefit of Wiki Loves Earth.

I think that we should have a more in-depth discussion after Wiki Loves Monuments has finished (end of October), about what the path for the next year should be. I personally think that we can only run one major competition on a large scale internationally at a time - and perhaps a few tryouts parallel to it in individual countries. Also, I think it would be wise to reconsider exchanging Wiki Loves Public Art for the internationally more realistic Wiki Loves Art (using museums and their contents rather than things on the streets).

In any case, thanks for publishing the notes, lets be careful with extrapolation enthusiasm into big picture results.


2013/9/25 Ganesh Paudel <gpaudel at gmail.com<mailto:gpaudel at gmail.com>>
Hi Beat and all,
Conducting Wiki Loves Earth and Wiki Loves Public Art are good to start.

We have many media in the commons especially photographs unused in any project.
Wiki-RIC concept is to have a photo campaign for meaningful use. That's why it is considered important and rated highest in the conference.
Let's think this aspect of Wiki RIC positively.


Ganesh K. Paudel

On Wed, Sep 25, 2013 at 2:45 PM, Estermann Beat <beat.estermann at bfh.ch<mailto:beat.estermann at bfh.ch>> wrote:
Dear all,

Today, I have transferred the documentation of the Wiki Loves Monuments Future Workshop (Wikimania 2013, Hong Kong) to the WLM portal:

Given the results of the workshop and the feedbacks received from the participants so far, it seems that we are heading for three international photo contests next year:

-       Wiki Loves Monuments

-       Wiki Loves Earth

-       Wiki Loves Public Art

There was also a fourth proposal, "WikiRIC - Requested Image Competition" that was very highly rated by the workshop participants. - I think it would be great to see also a pilot project implementing this idea during next year. To my knowledge, no project group has formed yet. Those who signaled their interest are therefore warmly invited to coordinate the formation of a project team! (let me know if you need the contacts of the people that were interested to help implementing this approach!)

Suggestions for the next steps:

I think it would be great if for each contest a core group for 2014 would form that:

-       sets up an international project page for 2014, so interested countries can sign up

-       sets up a mailing list for the coordination of the contest (in case this hasn't happened yet)

-       follows up on the evaluation of this year's contests and starts working on the improvements for next year (some improvements might concern the institutional setup, so it would be wise to start early)

Furthermore, I would suggest, that the coordinators of the three thematic contests get together (online), to discuss:

-       when which contest is going to take place in 2014 (this year we had an overlap between WLPA and WLE, which is probably not ideal)

-       how to tackle the technical issues in 2014 (there are many potential synergies, and there is also a lot of room for improvement)

Kind regards,


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