[Wiki Loves Monuments] [Wikimedia-AM members] Tech question: 2 WLM templates of different country contests on same file

Cristian Consonni kikkocristian at gmail.com
Thu Sep 19 22:20:43 UTC 2013

2013/9/19 Osmar Valdebenito <osmar at wikimedia.org.ar>:
> It is obvious that the bitter relationship between Armenia and Azerbaijan is
> something that should be considered and not ignored. Probably for everyone,
> taking a picture and participating in two contests would be amazing... but
> this is not the case and it is clear why it is not.

Hi all,

We discussed this situation during the last meeting of the
international team and this is our view about it. We have identified
some possible cases:

1) Monuments identifier template: It is possible to add monument
identifiers templates anytime to the pictures, since this actually
depends on the fact that the given monument is officially recognized
as cultural heritage by country X or Y. This can be easily checked by
anyone and added/removed if it's the case.

2) Adding WLM templates for the first time.
* 2a) Images where the user clearly want to participate WLM, but in
another country and the monuments is participating in more than one
contest., this has to be avaluated case to case, but in general it is
good to add an additional template. The point is that it is ok to add
an additional template (don't remove unless you know for sure it's
wrong!), because you assume you're helping that user. But only do this
a first time - don't (re-)add it if a user indicated they don't want
to participate.
* 2b) Images uploaded without any indication that the user wants to
participate, don't do anything.

3) Removing WLM template from your own images:
* 3a) Images with a clearly wrong WLM template, remove the wrong
template and add the correct one: go further and fix it  (e.g. photo
of the Eiffel Tower with WLM India template).
* 3b) In general, you can *remove*  the WLM template only from your
own images (i.e. images you have personally uploaded), we think in
general people should not be elicited from participating WLM in
whatever country if they sent an image for it in the first place.


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